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Routine Foot Care

What exactly is routine foot care?
In reality, routine foot care is one of the most basic yet wonderful treatments. "Gentle Touch Foot Care" is the office philosophy. At no time should there ever be pain associated with this kind of care. The trimming of painful corns, calluses, and ingrown or thickened nails requires a delicate and light touch. Gentle reassurance and a compassionate understanding of the patient's fears of anticipated pain are necessary to provide a complete service.

Treatment usually starts with a soothing whirlpool to relax the feet, reduce the soreness, and to soften the areas to be treated. Once the lesions are trimmed, a massage of the feet is given to stimulate the circulation. Various pads or soft lamb's wool are then applied as needed to add extra comfort.

Even the most painful feet will feel immediately better! It is amazing to see the transformation in a person who walks in limping, but leaves smiling and feeling great. Of course, the pain will in most cases eventually return, depending on how much walking a person does, the kind of work they do, and, of course, the kind of shoes they wear. But with proper scheduling, even the most difficult feet can be kept comfortable.

Does your health insurance cover this care?
It may depend on your particular plan and if complicating factors, such as diabetes or poor circulation are present. Medicare in particular has very strict standards. Doctors can evaluate your feet to see if you qualify for routine foot care. If not, the fees are reasonable so that everyone can afford to feel like new again!


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